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Eighth Generation

Tote Bag - Abundance

Tote Bag - Abundance

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In the Pacific Northwest, one of the first signs of the abundance of spring is the emergence of ferns. One of the oldest land plants, ferns have sustained humans, animals, and even the land itself for millennia. The springy-green fiddleheads are an epicurean delight, featured in high-end dishes to humble home cooking, while the rest of the plant provides food and habitat to a host of animals, amphibians, and insects. In addition, ferns are one of the top natural sources of erosion control, keeping hillsides intact and nutrients in the ground. 

Artist and Eighth Generation CEO Colleen Echohawk (Pawnee, Athabascan) took inspiration from this friendly frond for a collection celebrating the abundance of spring and the beautiful Mother Earth we all share. 

"One of my favorite places in the world is Carkeek Park in Seattle," shares Colleen. "I love to walk there with my family and our dog, Rizzo. And every time we go, I'm blown away with how beautiful and abundant the ferns are. They're a food source to Indigenous people and modern-day foragers; they're an important habitat for birds and animals; and they literally hold the forest together. Ferns are a plant worth celebrating, and I'm glad I get to share a bit of my love for them in our Abundance Collection." 

In her Abundance Tote, Colleen has designed a frond to curl and grow up around the Lushootseed word haʔł ʔəshəliʔ, which means "good health." "Lushootseed is the language spoken by many of the Coast and Interior Salish tribes of our region," shares Colleen. "Our company is owned by the Snoqualmie Tribe, which has lived, recreated, hunted, and played in present-day Seattle since time immemorial. Being here in Seattle, it's so important to me and to our company to share the Indigenous language that has been spoken in our homeland since the beginning. Many Native people are doing incredibly important work in traditional language revitalization, and we're so honored to be part of that with our Abundance Tote. When you use this bag, you're bringing traditional Native language back into a space that probably hasn't experienced that language in over a century. That's an incredibly powerful part of decolonizing your space and community." 

  • Printed in the USA
  • Compartment opens up 5.5" wide
  • 18" across x 15" tall x 5.5" wide (opening)
  • Fabric: 10oz cotton canvas
  • Thank you to Snoqualmie tribal member and language specialist Angela Wymer for her Lushootseed translation. The work Angela does to keep Native language thriving is incredibly important and healing for our community.

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