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Tacoma Dome

Tacoma Dome Clear Event Bag

Tacoma Dome Clear Event Bag

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The Tacoma Dome has instituted a ‘clear bag only’ safety measure to reduce touchpoints. You can read more about their clear bag policy here

Purchase you Tacoma Dome Clear Event bag from us and make sure you can carry all your items with you to your next big event! 

You can order your bag online and we can ship it to you, just be sure to leave enough time for it to get to you before your event! You can also select in store pickup at checkout and pick it up during our business hours of 10:00am-7:00pm Monday-Saturday or 11:00-5:00 on Sunday. Or, just stop on in and buy it from us in store!


The Tacoma Dome has a clear bag policy to expedite entry and reduce touch points for security staff and guests. 

Tacoma Dome Bag Policy

  • Bags may only be clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC, sized 12"x6"x12" or smaller
  • Small clutch purses are okay if sized 4.5"x6.5" or smaller
  • One gallon plastic storage bags are okay
  • A limited amount of Binbox lockers are available for rent outside the venue for most major events on a first-come, first served basis. Rental fee is $10-$15 (subject to change). Card only, no cash please.

Please note: The clear bag policy is not in place for consumer shows. Examples of consumer shows include RV shows, home shows, craft shows, etc.

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