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Eighth Generation

Notebook - Mountains

Notebook - Mountains

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Let your words rise to new heights when written in our Mountain Dreams Notebook by Blackfeet artist and Inspired Native Collaborator John Isaiah Pepion.  

“For Blackfoot People, we believe our power comes from the mountains,” shares John. “They're the source of everything: berries and roots, healing medicines, natural earth pigments which we use in our paints, buffalo, deer, and other animals. We also travel to the mountains for vision quests, and as places to go to get answers or to clear your mind.” 

The classic “stair-step” design of the mountains seen here are traditionally found in Blackfoot beadwork and in parfleche containers. Now it adorns our beautiful and high-quality notebook, ready to help you find clarity and inspiration.

  • 100 sheets of wide ruled paper 
  • Hard cover; spiral bound
  • 8.75" x 11.5" / 22.22 cm x 29.21 cm
  • Imported 

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