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Proud Zebra

Ally Flag Cube Enamel Pin

Ally Flag Cube Enamel Pin

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Proud Cubes Series - 1st Edition - Rainbow Ally Pride Flag Cubes

This flag celebrates all hetero and cisgender people who are allies of the LGBTQ+ community. The black and white stripes represents heterosexual and cisgender people.

This flag is commonly used by parents, friends, and medical care staff to show support of their close family, friends, and patients and to spread awareness that the LGBTQ+ community can be safe around them.

Show your pride from every side with our Flag Cube LGBTQ+ lapel pin, inclusively designed with over 30 pride flag variations.

Dimension: 20mm x 17.5mm x 9mm (LxWxH)
Material: Black Nickel Plated Cloisonne Hard Enamel Metal
Backing: 2x Pinback with Rubber Clasp (Upgradable to deluxe locking clasp)

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