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Labyrinth Made Goods

11 oz Visualize Candle

11 oz Visualize Candle

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Citrusy Pomelo, Earthy Spices, & Frankincense
An essential component of the Labyrinth Made Goods program is envisioning greatness for themselves and their futures. They don’t just set goals, each of them visualizes and feels what it will be like when they achieve them. This visioning process enables them to truly believe that they will achieve that success someday. Their Visualize candle embodies the motivation and focus they have to achieve their dreams.

All of their candles are 100% soy and are hand-filled in Illinois. Proceeds from every purchase are reinvested to create opportunities that empower women who have experienced incarceration.

  • The large Visualize candle is filled in a beautiful, custom glass vessel with the word "Resilience" wrapped around to honor the resilience we can find within ourselves. Each of the larger candles has an estimated 60-hour burn time and a net weight of 11oz.
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