ALL TOTES & POUCHES 20% OFF 7/15-7/21


  • Absolutely loved this little shop! Lots of fun, quirky, modern items. I purchased many stickers, pins, lip gloss, a pint glass, and some other goods! As you can tell, there is something for everyone. The first time I walked in, I was waiting for an Uber that showed up early. The saleswoman was great and rang me up speedy quick to get me in the car! I returned the next day to continue my browsing. That's how great the store was! The saleswoman the next day was just as helpful. I'm not even from Washington, but I can't wait to visit Stocklist again.  - Abilgal G.

  • I ordered some small gifts from here during the coronavirus shut-down.  They delivered to my doorstep for free later that day.  They have cute, inexpensive items that help people feel a little cheerier. Great experience!

    - Tonya L.

  • Love this shop! We decided to check this place cause we were on the hunt to send our family back in CA some local gifts. This shop was the perfect place. They have local candy, art work, along with some nifty giftys. What put the cherry on top was being greeted by the staff (possibly store owner?) who offered us some shopping chocolate. To add on top of the cuteness, staff had their dog freely roaming around the shop greeting everyone and asking for treats.

    - Nina B.