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Serenity Fragrance Card

Serenity Fragrance Card

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Cool Lake Water, Shade Trees, & Moss-Covered Stones

The Serenity Candle was designed by the women of YWCA Labyrinth Outreach to capture what serenity means to them as they overcome obstacles and rebuild their lives. Each of these hand-filled candles conveys a serene moment by the lakeside. When you light a Serenity Candle, you light a beacon for new lives lived with dignity and self-worth. Your purchase lets the Labyrinth sisterhood know that people care about us and our well-being.

  • The fragrance cards take the idea of the cardboard car air freshener to a new level. They're beautifully designed and are a whole new way to experience your favorite Labyrinth Made Goods scents. They're ideal to use in closets, the office, autos, dorm rooms, the possibilities are endless.
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