52 Lists for Togetherness
52 Lists for Togetherness
52 Lists for Togetherness

52 Lists for Togetherness

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The third book in our founder Moorea's 52 Lists series: 52 Lists for Togetherness is here! It is the fun filled community and relationship follow-up journal to the best selling The 52 Lists Project, and 52 Lists for Happiness which have garnered praise from publications world wide, selling over 500,000 copies in 4 years. Even Oprah is a fan!

Learn more about who you are, how you can unlock the keys to thriving within your communities and relationships, and grow deeper in connection with those that you love! Like the previous books in the 52 Lists series, this journal contains one list prompt for every week of the year followed by a Òtake actionÓ prompt that helps you gather knowledge to take practical steps to leading a more fulfilling and joy filled life. How 52 Lists for Togetherness is different than the first two journals in the series: 52 Lists for Togetherness is created for celebrating, deepening and cherishing the many relationships that make up a community. In addition to list prompts, there are fun and easy interactive activities for you to list away with all your loved ones, or one special partner. Grab one copy for yourself and another for someone you love and fill them out along side each other! Like the other 52 Lists journals, this keepsake journal comes in a luxurious package full of vibrant photography, lovely illustrations, metallic foil, and a ribbon.

From the author, Moorea. "Seeing how the United States have become hot beds for division and argumentation in recent years, and in watching once family and friends torn apart through fighting on Facebook and social media platforms, I wanted to create a source of positivity that could bring people back together, something light, fun and soul filled. It's my little positive, personal protest to those who seek to rip people apart and tear people down. I want to help build people back up with the wisdom, comfort, love and joy of their loved ones and their own selves. I can't change the world in one go, but I can give people fun tools to deeper self discovery and love of community through the power of lists. This is my love letter to my husband, my sisters, my friends, my parents, my work community, my neighborhood, and all the people I have yet to meet, but who I will celebrate when I do. We can make the world a more loving and happy place; it starts with you and me, it starts with togetherness."

This keepsake journal is full of bright and joyful photography by Arielle Vey, Meghan Klein, and many more! Playful illustrations by Jordan Kay and lettering by Julia Manchik. Comes with a rose gold foil, and a soft macrame ribbon for marking your page!

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