3 Pack Honey Sampler - Northwest

3 Pack Honey Sampler - Northwest

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Local honey from Tacoma!

This 3 jar gift set is the perfect way to sample these honeys.

Gift set includes: Buckwheat, Wildflower & Blackberry

"At BeeKing’s, we like to say that “every honey has a story to taste”. Our 3 oz sampler variety gift pack is probably one of the best ways to take a taste journey of a few of our finest honey varietals side-by-side. Each 3oz jar is tucked snuggly into the custom designed, decorative cardboard wrap sleeve for convenient storage and gift appeal. As always, each variety of honey in our 3-pack is 100% Pure, All-Natural, Unfiltered and Never Heated above standard hive temperatures. The unique signature flavors of each honey are derived from the floral source that the honeybees forage on, making this artisan honey an experience that will bring you closer to the wonders of nature."