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City of Destiny

City of Destiny


City of Destiny Print featuring some of Tacoma's great landmarks. This print features blue lines on a green background.

Artist- Adam Auter. 

Artist Statement- 

Growing up surrounded by cornfields in the Midwest, I spent much of my youth with a longing for mountains and waterscapes. While I still found beauty in the flatlands, my heart was already blazing a trail westward. Now that I’ve made it to the Pacific Northwest, I can’t get enough of its natural wonders and beauty. I am convinced that the sight of our surrounding landscapes will never cease to thrill me. What’s more, I am enamored with the city of Tacoma. I love how it feels like the world’s biggest small town and the fact that its people embrace its grit and unique quirks so unapologetically. As an artist, I aim to create pieces that celebrate this city and propagate a sense of pride for both Tacoma and the Pacific Northwest. It is my hope that others will connect with my message and share the same sentiment for our city and region.

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