12 oz Honey from Tacoma
12 oz Honey from Tacoma

12 oz Honey from Tacoma

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Local honey from Tacoma!

Raw Sweet Clover:

It may be simple, but there’s nothing ordinary about this raw Sweetclover honey from Ellensberg, WA. Sweetclover Honey holds subtle notes of cinnamon surrounded by warm flavors of cooked butter and vanilla. No wonder we call it the Snickerdoodle of honey.

Raw Wildflower:

Easily our best-selling variety (and for good reason), Raw Wildflower Honey boasts a malty, rich, brown-sugary flavor with powerful health benefits that will rival any vitamin on the market. You’ll notice an immediate boost in your overall health with its ability to increase energy levels, suppress allergic reactions, prevent chronic diseases, and even improve the health of your skin too.

This is the honey you’ve been hearing so much about. Try your first jar today, and pair it with a jar of Pollen to further increase your seasonal allergy prevention.

Unlike major honey producers who use massive machines to heat, dilute, micro-filter, and mix honey from multiple sources into the all-too-familiar plastic “honeybear” containers that are sold in grocery stores, BeeKing’s focus is on the simplicity of single source varietals and the craft of carefully handling every jar in order to maintain the integrity of the local honey.

Every jar of BeeKing’s honey is:

  • 100% Pure
  • Always Raw
  • Locally Sourced from Naturally Managed Hives
  • Unheated Above Hive Temperature
  • Never Diluted
  • Unfiltered